90s Icons – So Very Tragic

Have you noticed how the most iconic people who epitomise the 90s all have a lot in common. Across the board –  music, film, comics, all pretty much the same person …

Long hair, could do with a wash and conditioner

river phoenix

the crow hair









Scruffy dresser

kurt cobainriver-phoenix scruffy

Obsessed with death


Moody, especially when when made to sit in a chair

sandman moodyriver_phoenix_ moody the crow moody

Guitars are their only friends

the crow guitar river phoenix guitar Metallica-Enter-Sandman































and Actual Death

River Phoenix  – 1993river viper room death

 Kurt Cobain – 1994Kurt-Cobain newspaper

The Crow – 1994 the crow gravestone

The Sandman – 1996 sandman the wake

The 90s were so moody and depressing. Its a wonder anyone made it out alive.  

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