Animals dressed as Harry Potter and other fictional characters

Don’t ask me what strange street on the internet I found all these pictures of pets in costumes but I thought it was important that you see them too. Not just cats and dogs and not just a little bandanna round the neck, full on costumes.

It’s the head tilt that does it with this one.

hp corgi

A tiny (slightly scared) Gryffindor

harry potter hamster

This is possibly grown up  Harry from epilogue age, but how do you make a wear glasses?! This is amazing.

harry potter cat

Seriously, this is something else.

The Horse Tailor


This cat Darth Vader has the true look of evil about him.

star wars cat

But this Chihuahua Princess Leia is looking like she needs rescuing for sure.

dog star wars

I am not sure if making your dog wear customised storm trooper armor is really cruel? Can he see and can he bend his front legs?

dog star wars2


In terms of Star Trek animals, there are a lot of red shirt pets.

dog star trek

cat red shirt

guinea pig star trek

And this one poor dog dressed as the USS enterprise made from cardboard and empty beer cans. If he could run away at warp speed I am sure he would.



This doggy version of Jack Sparrow actually looks better than Johnny Depp nowadays.

jack sparrow dog


There are plenty of animal superheroes. Here are the dynamic duo if they were goats with tiny arms.

batman robin goats

The real life Spider-ham

pig spider ham

My personal favourite is dog Hulk complete with ripped shorts and complementing green lead.

hulk dog

Who hasn’t that a weasel would make a perfect Superman?

ferret superman

Not sure when the last time superman teamed a cape and a bobble hat with a chin strap but this is a toad so I guess  it can get away with it.

toad superman


I think they should have gone the distance and put a little black wig on this  Snow white kid.

goat snow white

Minnie Mouse as a piglet, I have no words left.

pig minnie mouse

I can’t that believe that movie isn’t gay

Hollywood just isn’t brave enough to make a movie where the lead characters happen to be gay, they are still undercover cops or sassy girls looking to find their place in the world but their love interest is of the same gender. Hollywood does have quite a lot of movies that could nearly be there, the actors are selling it, the script hints at it, but then they do insist upon the obligatory yet unnecessary hetero romance.

The Man From Uncle – suave, sophisticated, well dressed and full of innuendo. Being out probably would have made this stand apart from all the other spy thrillers on the market.

man from uncle gay

But the love interest makes sure the characters don’t go to far off mainstream.

man uncle third wheel

Point Break – not even Baby looks at Patrick Swazye the way Keanu Reeves looks at Swayze. He teaches him philosophy, how to surf, if only they were on the same side of the law things might have worked out between them, sigh.

point break reeves wazyepoint break gay blocker.jpg


Pitch Perfect – these two pretty much begin the movie with a shower scene.

pitch perfect shower

Friends don’t stand that close, not even short sighted ones.

pitch perfect gay

But the obligatory hetero romance stops any funny business.

pitch perfect gay blocker

Bend It Like Beckham – apparently intended to be the two girls in love, but in the end they chickened out and doubled up on the racial stereotype jokes instead.

bend it like beckham gaybend-it-like-beckham gay.png

bend it gay blocker 2


Whip It – this movie doesn’t remotely need a love interest, it’s about finding yourself innit? But these two best friends have got more going together than Page and that tall boy who turns out is a bit of jerk anyway.

whip it gay

Just so you don’t get any ideas about girls liking girls playing roller derby, here is a boy.

whip it landon gay blocker


Fast and Furious, every single movie in the franchise – part of the enduring success of the F&F series is the (un)intentional innuendo between pretty much all of the male cast.

Obviously the first movie is a copy of Point Break but with cars and tuna sandwiches rather than surfboards and meatball subs but Paul Walker loves Vin so much, but not as much as Tyrese Gibson loves Paul Walker, drinking games are built on the levels of gay between these two in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

2f2f gayfast furious brian dom2fast fruios brian romanfast furious dom brian hobsdom brian hobs2fast furious hobbs dom

But don’t get to excited there are a few ladies around to break up all the man love, but who would have thought it would be Michelle Rodriguez to stop gay from happening?

fast furious dom letty gay blockerfast furious gay blocker


Top Gun – the machismo, the topless volleyball, Ice Mans haircut, all those mustaches. What a love triangle, Goose loves Maverick but Maverick love Ice Man but Ice Man loves the mirror.

top gun gay

Is this a wedding? It feels like it could be a wedding?

top gun gay2top gun gooseice-and-maverick gay

Don’t worry the hetero romance is here, right on time.

top gun gay blocker2

Maybe Maverick just wants to be a singer, ever think about that?

top gun gay3top gun gay singing

X-Men First Class – these two fellas sure play chess a lot.

xmen gay

xmen chess

And share looks together that I generally reserve for cups of tea with two chocolate hobnobs only.

xmen gay3

And share dramatic, life changing romantic moments on tropical beaches.

xmen gay4

But hold up, they are just best bros, right?

xmen gay blocker

Captain America First Avenger/Winter Soldier/Civil War – lets face it everything Cap does in all three movies is motivated by Bucky. Even if Bucky doesn’t know it.

cap bucky

Probably the most obvious gay blocker in recent movie history, ‘what me gay nah I’m American, I’m a gunna smooch this girl in front of you see.’

captain america

Disney Fairies – Tinkerbell and Periwinkle are just gals being pals.

Disney-fairies-periwinkle-and-tinkerbell gay

Even if they live next to a rainbow, that doesn’t mean anything.

disney fairies

Maybe Tinkerbell is just really into paperclips and not her white haired fairy friends.


I’m sorry but what sort of fairy is called Terence? A alpha male fairy I guess

tinkerbell terrance

Top 10 Corridor Fight Scenes

There are a lot of action movies, with a lot of fight scenes but some of them stand out as being very good, often however this correlates to taking place in a corridor, forcing the fight choreography, camera movement and presentation of the scene to be far more creative.

The Raid – there are a lot of top notch action scenes in The Raid so it’s no surprise that it makes use of a great corridor fight. One hero vs plenty of bad guys. There is an amazing close quarters fight in The Raid 2 taking place in a toilet stall and the hammer girl train fight is great too.

the raid corridor fight


The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 – one of the few good things about the final HG installment was the sewer attack, it is full of suspense and invigorates the movie in general. Making great use of sound, light and being confined in a narrow space.

mockingjay corridor fight underground


Resident Evil – even if the idea is somewhat pinched from Cube, the smart laser from the first Res Evil movie is one corridor you wouldn’t want to find yourself trapped in. The opposite of the Hunger Games corridor, it is the inescapable light you need to be afraid of rather than what is hidden in the dark. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie and it has nothing to do with zombies or Milla Jovovich. It was even incorporated into one of the later Resident Evil games.

resident evil corridor laser trap


Snowpiercer – the whole movie basically takes place in a corridor but the crazy, kenetic and overcrowded axe fight scene is really something special.

snowpiercer corridor fight


Daredevil (TV) – the fight scene that commanded your attention and solidified that you should watch the Marvel Netflix show. Owing a significant debt to Oldboy, the camera stays in the corridor even if the action leaves. This superhero fight scene stands out because even though Matt Murdock may not have super strength or a great fighting style he is going to give it everything he has got and then some.

daredevil fight corridor


Cabin In The Woods – that SWAT team waiting in the hallway has no idea what level of carnage they are about to face when those elevator doors. This scene gets its chaotic point across in only 30 seconds. Fantastic.

cabin woods corridor


Oldboy – the corridor fight scene to which all other corridor fight scenes are compared to. One guy and an axe vs a whole lot of other guys, one long side scrolling shot.

corridor fight


Inception – the zero gravity corridor fight is probably the most complex and expensive on the corridor fight list, but it sure does look pretty and is nearly as slick as their suits.



Lucy – if only Lucy had stopped leveling up about here instead of becoming a computer, there would have been more of an actual fight but it is different.

lucy corridor hospital fight


Alien – while technically an air duct and not a corridor, Alien does have some serious corridors, Dallas goes up against the Xenomorph in the dark and it is creepy as hell, the scare is somewhat ruined by the Alien doing jazz hands however.

alien corridor

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