Charlize Theron Sells Perfume

Charlize Theron has been working with Dior for a good few years now, usually this involves making Charlize look a lot like the bottle of perfume by wearing a gold dress and getting her to strut around a bit.


This year she is still wearing gold and walking someplace but this time she is obsessed with washing. Throw in a few random words like, sun, earth, gold and you have yourself a perfume commercial.


She has been so busy walking she hasn’t realised she has gotten herself lost in the desert, at night.



What better time to take a shower, well kinda, when you don’t have a raincoat or umbrella handy, your best option is to just work with it.



But she may have taken it a bit too far, she is in that shower for a bit too long.


She is still there when the sun comes up. Have you ever fallen asleep in the shower? It must be 10 times worse when your shower is actually covered in sand.



Does Charlize Theron  wandering around the desert remind you of anything? Mad Max Fury Road by any chance?



Anyway, she runs like Jesus on a mission.



But then again she is distracted by all that water and decides to stop treat herself to something of an excessive and exuberant bath. Unnecessary Charlize, unnecessary.



Then she does this really weird thing where she stands and stares up at the sky for no apparent reason. Is she looking for another shower?



Does this standing and staring at the sky remind you of anyone else, Wall-e perhaps?



The Girl On The Train -review


Emily Blunt is an unhappy ex-wife with a voyeuristic streak. She likes to watch her ex, his new wife and their horndog neighbours who always seem to in their pants on their balcony just when she is on the train on the way to work. What does she see from the train and more importantly what did she do when she got off the train?

First up, I haven’t read the book, so I’m guessing hoping that the big plot twist is a bit more sophisticated because if you have seen any sort of mystery or thriller type movie before, the visual cues are there and there are kinda obvious.

The film has been compared to Gone Girl, because it is a thriller and has a female lead with likability issues and a somewhat untrustworthy narrator but it isn’t anywhere near being in the same league as Gone Girl, it doesn’t have as much to say for itself, style wise or substance wise.

Emily Blunt does a fine job of carrying the movie on her shoulders, having to be in the majority of the movie and pushing the story forward with her drunken ways, but with her  red nose and bloodshot eyes, yeah we get it make up team, she is an alcoholic.

The other two of the three main ladies played by Rebecca Ferguson and Hayley Bennett don’t have much to do other than be as unlikable as Blunts character.

The Girl On The Train is a by the numbers thriller for Sunday evening kinda movie.

Gerard Butler loves holding things

Gerard Butler may not have decided if he is Scottish, American or from a little island in the middle of the Atlantic that nobody else knows about but something he has decided on, is that he likes to hold stuff. Doesn’t matter what it is, dude likes to hold things.

Here he is getting religious by holding a bible. ‘I like god, you like god, look at the book’.



Here he is holding a cup, he looks so proud it is possible he made that cup himself or he really, really likes tea.



Here is Gerard Butler holding his belly in.



This is Gerard Butler pretending to hold an orb of thesulah.



This is Gerard Butler holding a microphone and wishing it was an ice cream cone.



This is Gerard Butler holding what at first glance was a giant postcard, but disappointingly is only google searches about himself. I’ve checked … they are a lot less interesting searches nowadays.



This is Gerard Butler holding a butt.



Here is Gerard Butler holding a pug. Not sure what Gerard is looking at in the distance over there but the pug is looking straight into your soul.



Here is Gerard Butler holding a sword of distraction to try and make himself super manly while wearing a kilt and pink sweater. It’s working, that’s a big sword.



This is Gerard Butler holding a brick, he also has a wicked case of indigestion too.


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